5 Second Nail Glue has evolved into the foremost nail glue in the marketplace, both with the retail consumer and the professional, by answering every need for nail glue. It is no wonder, therefore, that respected women’s magazines, such as Good Housekeeping (see July 2003 issue), recommend using 5 Second Nail glue for fixing, beautifying, or applying nails and wraps.

Women have come to trust the 5 Second Nail Glue brand as the premier glue line due to the quality and performance of the product. 5 Second Nail glue is the most recognized name in the professional beauty industry, and can be found in almost every salon and beauty supply. And…for good reasons,

1) Manicurists love and trust 5 Second Nail glues.
2) 5 Second Nail glues work better than any other nail glue.
3) 5 Second Nail products utilize unique formulations.

It all started with the most basic "glue in a tube" – the classic glue achieving its current great status. 5 Second Nail continued by developing the 5 Second No Clog glue which, enhanced with jojoba oil, is a "glue in a bottle", employing a unique technology to prevent clogging in the dropper. However, these winning glues did not suffice for women who prefer to apply nail glue using a brush on applicator. Hence, the 5 Second Brush On nail glue.
In an attempt to continue satiating every woman’s nail glue needs, 5 second Nail introduced its great glues in Pink. The Pink glue ensures that the glue meshes itself in with the natural color of the nail bed. Whether repairing broken nails or applying wraps or tips, the Pink nail glues, which come in both our classic and brush-on application methods, are the ideal alternative to the original 5 Second Nail Glue.